The architects at Falcon provide investigations into a broad range of claims related to the design and construction of buildings and site conditions. We have experts ranging from architectural design and code compliance to standards and project management. Our architects have designed and managed the construction of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

Building Systems

Building Systems found in buildings today consist of structural, roofing, electrical, lighting, fire protection, plumbing, ventilation, heating and cooling; and in some cases renewable energy systems. The Falcon experts are engaged to evaluate and investigate cases involving system or product failures, construction delay claims and possible installation defects.


Falcon has experts in all segments of construction such as multi-family, high-rise, mixed-use, commercial, hospitality, shopping centers and medical facilities. We have investigated failures during construction, site safety issues, architect and engineer failure to meet the professional standard of care, construction delay and cost claims. Our forensic engineers have extensive experience in the evaluation of construction defect claims, design defect issues and construction site accidents.

Drone Technology

Falcon has integrated drone technology in our inspections, engineering and construction projects to provide comprehensive and detailed aerial documentation. Our drones are equipped to capture data for wide range of purposes such as photogrammetry for precision measurement and surveying; thermal imaging to evaluate buildings energy efficiency; and Photo and Videography for inspections, construction at accident investigations and 3D modeling.

Engineering – Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC

Our engineers provide investigations for a broad range of claims related to the design and construction of buildings, structures and site environments. We have experts ranging in the fields of civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering and material scientists and technicians.

Expert Witness

Falcon’s experts provide their expert insight and opinion supporting their client’s case during testimony. Our multi-discipline staffis knowledgeable, reliable, responsive, prepared with a strong attention to detail and standby their professional opinions. Falcon has over 20 years of practice with a wide range of areas of expertise. We have developed a reputation for providing reliable expert witness services in legal and insurance disputes and your ideal partner. We are familiar with the trial process, the rules of procedure and requirements of proof and the role that they play in the process.

Failure Analysis

Falcon’s engineers have extensive experience in the field of failure analysis and investigations. We have performed detailed structural analysis and modeling of complicated components, product and building failures. Often times this requires the evaluation of the strength and composition of the materials in order to determine causation. Our state-of-the-art engineering analysis software and 3-D modeling of building systems are essential at determining causation of the failure.

Fire and Explosion

Fire and explosion analysis, investigations and determination of causation of these events are services that Falcon provides. Our engineering experts have investigated and evaluated insurance claims related to fire and explosion damage. A detailed and documented field investigation and chemical analysis of suspect materials is critically important in the engineering evaluation process.

High & Mid-Rise Residential

Falcon provides specialty engineering and consulting services related to the evaluation, design and maintenance of high-rise residential and mixed-use buildings. We deliver technically superior analysis and scientifically credible expert witness testimony on a wide range of subjects, including engineering analysis, compliance with codes and standards. The skill and experience of the high-rise consultant in the planning, design and construction management phase can save the owner and the tenant’s time and money.

Marine Structures

Our experts understand the issues associated with evaluation and construction of marine projects and recognize the need to manage the permitting process with close coordination with the DOT, EPA and Federal Agencies.As a multi-discipline Architect/Engineer, Falcon understands not only the dock structure itself, but also the equipment and operations that occur on top of the structure. Facility condition assessments are instrumental in preventing failures, keeping your site safe and meeting industry standards. Our engineers have provided assessments and inspections for many sites. We use a proven methodology to provide accurate and consistent assessments and scalable solutions for a single location to a corporate program.

Mining and Petroleum

Falcon’s mining and petroleum industry experts have provided expert witness services and forensic investigations for numerous cases. Our experienced experts have been involved in mining investigations, fracking and drilling failures and geotechnical evaluations to support and analyze claims and in litigation cases.

Natural Disaster Evaluations – Floods, Wind and Earthquake

Falcon’s experts have experience in the evaluation of buildings after windstorms, floods and post-earthquake. Our design professionals are called upon after a natural disaster to determine whether damaged or potentially damaged,buildings are safe for occupancy or if entry should be restricted or prohibited. We conduct preliminary damage assessments or reconnaissance surveys. This assessment is designed to immediately determine the nature and extent of building damage to prioritize regions that should be evaluated.

Property Condition Assessments (PCA)

In performing a property condition assessment, we complete a site inspection to observe the property, improvements and evaluate their apparent physical condition. These improvements include a review of the following major property systems: site improvements, building structures, building envelope, interior finishes and fixtures, mechanical and electrical systemsand life safety and building codes. In addition to our inspections, we also review available documentation such as maintenance records and building plans, conduct interviews with personnel associated with the project’s operation, and review municipal records at the local building and fire departments to ascertain the nature of any outstanding violations. Using the information obtained, we evaluate the cost of repairs, replacements and significant maintenance items and provide our clients with a cost estimate for the immediate needs at the subject property, as well as the ongoing capital reserves the property will require throughout a loan term. This information assists the client in their decision-making process regarding loan financing and operating costs, as well as with portfolio management for acquisitions.

Renewable Energy & Green Projects

We have been involved with the evaluation of green building projects such as green roofs, building envelope replacements, solar parking lots and storm water collection. Many times, these projects experience construction and/or performance issues, which do not comply with contractual obligations, project specifications or industry standards. Our team has investigated design and construction defects and provided solutions to remedy the renewable/green project deficiencies.

Roadways, Parking and Bridges

Falcon’s engineers have over 20 years’ experience in roadways, bridges and parking facility design construction, street design and other areas of planning and construction. We are knowledgeable in traffic signals, signs and markings, right-of-ways and other traffic signifiers. Our experts have been retained to investigate, analyze, and provide expert opinions for parking structure failure investigations, road geometrics and safety systems, surface drainage and pavement skid resistance guard rail and medium barriers, and construction work zones. We provide expert opinions in crash investigations, road and parking standards and procedures, parking facilities, traffic designs, construction and maintenance.